Who we are?

Nigel Wilkie


Pro-Elegance is a UK-Trademarked-registered company that offers only top quality skincare products at very affordable prices, which are all manufactured exclusively within the UK.

The company was formed in June 2017, after recognising the need for skincare products that actually work!


During our extensive market research, we found that there were many brands out there making all sorts of weird and wonderful claims. It looks great presenting skincare products in fancy packaging and snazzy looking dispensers (which is a popular marketing ploy), but do they really produce the results that they claim to? Do their products actually work? 

At Pro-Elegance, we are not interested in using clever marketing techniques or fancy packaging. Our focus is purely on making sure that our customers experience positive results, and great customer care. We believe that's the reason why we are growing in popularity, and receiving lots of returning (happy) customers. 



Cruelty Free Products

Pro-Elegance is a ethical company that takes pride in offering only cruelty free products, which means that they are never tested on animals. 

Whilst some companies claim that animal testing serves a purpose - sighting that tests are being performed on animals to make sure that ingredients and products are safe enough for humans - the truth is there are alternatives to animal testing for ingredient safety. For example, many companies choose to use in-vitro testing, which is performed in a test tube rather than on a human or animal

Science favours these alternatives over animal testing because they’re far more conclusive. Although animal testing has the advantage of being a lot more cost effective, it is also extremely unethical.

Free from harmful chemicals 

All our products have been carefully and scientifically researched to ensure their safety and quality, thus providing our highly valued customers with the very best in skincare.

Therefore, none of our products contain any potentially harmful chemicals.

1, Parabens - Free

2, Sulfate - Free

3, Ethoxylate -Free

4, Propylene Glycol -Free

5, Silicone - Free

6, DEA - Free

7, Artificial Colour - Free

Great value!

Pro-Elegance believes in delivering unbeatable value to our customers. Although most Facial Serums usually come in 30ml measurements, we offer all our Serums in a generous 60ml bottle for a similar price. We do this without compromising on quality. 




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